Six Star Whey Protein Review

Six Star Whey Protein Review
Cost (per ounce)6.7
Protein (per serving)9.6
  • High Protein Per Serving
  • Zero Aspartame
  • Vanilla Tastes Terrible
7.8Overall Score
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Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Whey Powder offers an easy to mix powder of 100% instanized whey proven to build muscle and strength while providing great tasting flavors as well. Although regular whey is good, this blend claims to be superior by conducting their own studies on the effects of their powders. Each serving of a scoop will net you a whooping 30g of protein.


Mixes very smoothly, especially with a protein shaker bottle. It has a fairly good amount of protein per serving (30g), being on the higher end of protein per serving of the other powders on the market.


The taste of the chocolate version is a bit different than your usual milk or dark chocolate taste. It’s more of a malt chocolate taste; think malted milk balls. If you’re a fan of malted milk balls, then definitely go for this product, otherwise if you’re judging on taste alone, you should probably look for something else. Optimum Nutrition has a few great tasting chocolate flavored options that you might enjoy. As for the vanilla flavor, it tastes awful and you should stay away from it completely unless you’re into drinking chalk.


At the time of review, this protein powder is coming in at around $27 for a 2 pound tub of whey protein. The cost per ounce ($0.87) is slightly below the average cost of other whey protein powders on the market right now.


Calories – 170
Fat – 1.5g
Carbs – 8g
Protein – 30g
Calcium – 110mg (11%)

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