Addicted to Ramen? Maybe It’s Just Opium

Ramen noodles can be an addictive meal, especially for financially struggling college students, but if you’re traveling abroad, be sure to be wary of what noodles you eat. One noodle vendor in the northern Shaanxi province of China has been caught and detained for adding a special ingredient to his noodles: opium. He would sprinkle powdered poppy plant, what opium is derived from, over his noodles in order to get customers addicted and and keep coming back for more.

According to the Huashangbao Paper, the owner had purchased 4 catty (2kg) of the poppy plant powder for about 600 yuan ($98) back in August and added it to his food in order to improve business thanks to return customers with a new found addiction to his special noodles. Authorities uncovered this scheme after stopping a vehicle and testing the driver to drugs. The tests were positive, as he had shortly eaten the noodles before hand. He was detained by police for 15 days until family members became suspicious of the noodles they had all eaten. They all tested for drugs and all returned positive. He was released after the stunning discovery.

However, Huashangbao reports that there is little concern for developing an addiction to opium by eating poppy plant laced noodles, even for long periods of time. It also stated that this was not the first time something like this has happened, reporting two similar opium poppy cases in China in 2010 and 2012.

Source: CNN

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