The Ultimate Gluten Free Cereal List

A few years ago people who wanted cereal without gluten in it had very limited options, but thankfully, that’s not the case today. Use this gluten free cereal list to determine which cereal is right for your needs and cravings. The list is divided up into four different categories: cold cereals, hot cereals, and granola cereals, all without gluten of course.

Cold Cereals

Chex is one of the most popular options when it comes to cold cereals minus the gluten because they offer many different variations and flavors for them. Some of these flavors include: chocolate, vanilla, corn, honey nut, rice, and apple cinnamon. The only downside is that not all supermarkets carry all of these flavors. These cereals have less than 20 parts/million of gluten, which is only trace amounts of gluten. Most will not be affected by this; however, some people who are ultra sensitive to gluten have reported reactions. Also, make sure the box clearly states “Gluten Free” in the lower left corner, as General Mills also makes gluten filled counterparts for these flavors.


Nature’s Path, a popular specialty health foods brand, also make a wide variety of cold cereals without gluten in them, including their popular juice-sweetened and high fiber varieties. These varieties include: Crunch Maple Sunrise, Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise, Whole O’s Cereal, Crispy Rice Cereal, Fruit Juice-Sweetened Corn Flakes, Honey’d Corn Flakes and Mesa Sunrise Flakes. These are also certified as gluten free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization, meaning they have less than 10 parts/million of gluten in them, much less than that of Chex.

Nature's Path

Who doesn’t love Fruity Pebbles? Post Foods have stepped their game up by announcing they have made their popular cereal, Fruity Pebbles, gluten free (up to 20 parts/million of gluten, the same as Chex). In addition to making it gluten free, they have also lowered the amount of sugar used in their cereal to only 9g per serving. Cocoa Pebble have received the same treatment, so go take your pick!

Fruity Pebbles

Hot Cereals

Bob’s Red Mill has a large selection of gluten free hot cereals, some of which are organic as well! These include: creamy Brown Rice Farina, Organic Brown Rice Farina, Organic Creamy Buckwheat, Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal, Bob’s Quick Cooking Oats, Rolled Oats, and Steel-Cut Oats. These cereals have less than 20 parts/million of gluten in them.


Arrowhead Mills also offers a few cereal options, two of which are organic: Organic Rice, Shine Hot Cereal, and lastly, Organic Yellow Corn Grits Hot Cereal. They also have glutenless steel cut oats for sale.

Arrowhead Mills

And lastly, we have Glutenfreeda Foods, which gives us a super quick way to make hot cereals with its instant oatmeals, all certified gluten free: Natural, Apple Cinnamon with Flax, Maple Raisin with Flax and Banana Maple with Flax. They also sell variety packs which include two different flavored packets in one box.


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