Cheapest Whey Protein Powder Review: MET-Rx

After comparing over 20 different powders on our gluten free list, we’ve discovered the cheapest whey protein powder on the market: MET-Rx.

MET-Rx is not only the cheapest whey powder, it’s the cheapest whey isolate! Wait, what’s whey isolate? Unless you’re not familiar with the term, whey isolate is the term used for the purest form of whey. There’s more than 90% of whey protein per serving, unlike whey concentrate which can range anywhere from 20% – 89%.

How Cheap is Cheap?

met-rxSo cheap is this protein powder? Well, one a 2 pound tub of MET-RX currently sells for $20.77. Each serving contains 23g or protein and there are 32 servings per tub, totaling 736g of protein per container. Given those, let’s take a look at the price per gram of protein:

$20.77 / 736g = $0.028/g

That’s right, each gram of protein is roughly only 3 cents! That’s the cheapest whey protein powder currently available on the market. A close second in Nature’s Best Isopure, coming in at roughly 4 cents per gram of whey isolate protein.

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