7 Day Banana Diet for Weight Loss

Aren’t Bananas in Bulk Bad?

Bananas usually have a bad rep because they’re rich in carbohydrates and sugar, and many dietitians urge people to avoid them, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. But can a banana diet really make you fat? Although they are high in carbs and sugar, they will only make you fat if you’re not careful about how you add them to your current diet. Bananas added to an existing calorie and fat rich diet can lead to negative effects, but on their own they’re just as healthy as any other fruit. Fruitarians can attest to this, as they eat upwards of dozens of bananas a week and still remain fit and toned.

So what’s their secret? They don’t load up their diets with fattening foods, which can create more fat cells in your body when combined with the sugar found in bananas. If you keep you keep your consumption of fatty foods down while eating bananas, they should have no problem on your weight gain or overall health in general.

Why Bananas Are Healthy

There are tons of health benefits surrounding bananas. Here are a few key benefits:

  • High in potassium
  • Have B vitamins and magnesium
  • Contain zero fat or cholesterol
  • Good for heart, bone, kidney, and nervous system health
  • Boost immune system
  • Improve mood
  • Improve digestion
  • Remove excess toxins

Starting the 7 Day Banana Diet

This diet can make up you to 8 pounds lighter while working as a natural cleanse to rid your body of excess toxins. Your shopping list is simple: bananas, green tea, and eggs.

The diet itself is also simple. You can eat up to 8 bananas a day and drink as much green tea as you’d like. The eggs will help you balance out your protein intake during the week. It’s recommended to eat at least 2 eggs during the week, more if needed.

After you’ve finished the diet for a week, make sure you avoid the yo-yo effect by gradually returning to your regular diet. Give yourself a couple of days to recover from the cleanse and avoid eating any processed foods high in fat, sugar, or alcohol. Add more fruits and veggies into you diet while slowly incorporating the variety of foods from your regular diet.

Source: Healthy Dietpedia

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