5 Gluten Free Oatmeal Brands That Rock

For a small number of people with Celiac Disease and NCGS, gluten free oatmeal is not a good idea. This small percentage reacts negatively to avenin, a protein found in oats. This means that oats too need to be prohibited from their grain selection. The range of how many people react to oats is not creal, though it is estimated to be around 10% – 15%. Some research suggests that some types of oats are more toxic to people with Celiac disease. Therefore, if you’re a diagnosed celiac, you should consult your physician first and then proceed very cautiously when adding gluten-free oatmeal to your diet. If your celiac disease symptoms return, stop eating the gluten-free oatmeal immediately.

For those of us who are cleared to eat oats, there is a variety of certified gluten-free oatmeals out on the market. These are some of our favorites.

Bob’s Red Mill

They produce three different types of gluten-free oatmeal, including quick-cooking oats, rolled oats, and steel-cut oats. Bob’s tests for gluten down to 20 parts per million. Make sure you purchase only gluten-free labeled oatmeal as there are some uncertified varieties on shelves.

Bob's Red Mill Oats

GF Harvest

They are a celiac family-owned business in Wyoming. The company grows its own oats and performs extensive testing to make certain its fields remain uncontaminated, including testing the seeds it uses down to 3 parts per million. GF Harvest holds gluten-free certification along with organic and Kosher certifications. Products include organic gluten-free rolled oats and regular gluten-free rolled oats. Perfect for making your own gluten-free oatmeal blends!

GF Harvest

Glutenfreeda Foods

This brand has four different types of certified gluten-free oatmeal, such as apple cinnamon, maple raisin, banana maple and natural. Glutenfreeda adds flax meal to their gluten-free oats and sells its products online and in some specialty stores.


Holly’s Oatmeal

These guys have extremely pure oatmeal. They test their oats for less than 5 parts per million and offer two different flavors. They have plain and cranberry. Holly’s also makes non-gluten-free oatmeal so read the box very carefully! They sell oatmeal their online and in some stores, including Whole Foods.

Holly's Oatmeal

Gluten Free Prairie

They get their oats straight from the farmers to be sure that there is no cross-contamination. They offer their gluten-free oatmeal in two sizes: 3 pounds and 7.5 pounds. You can order either of these online.

Gluten Free Prairie

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