Can Curry be the Cure for Alzheimer’s?

According to a German study in the journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy, turmeric, a spice found in curries, may increase the brain’s ability to heal itself. The spice could lead to the growth of nerve cells that can repair parts of the brain. The study, currently based on rats, may pave way for future medicine towards used for strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. However, they stated that more studies are required before knowing if these findings can benefit humans.

Aromatic-turmerone, a compound found in turmeric, was studied by scientists at the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Julich, Germany. They injected the compound in rats and then scanned their brains. The parts of the brain associated with nerve cell growth became more active after the injections. The turmerone may boost the increase of brain cells. In another trial, researchers instead soaked rodent neural cells (NSCs) in varied concentrations of the turmeric extract. NSCs can morph into any type of brain cell, suggesting that they may be able to repair cells after they are damaged or diseased.

“It is interesting that it might be possible to boost the effectiveness of the stem cells with aromatic-turmerone. And it is possible this in turn can help boost repair in the brain,” stated Dr Maria Adele Rueger.

Researches found that higher concentrations of the extract caused higher increases of the NSCs. They cells also tended to transform into specific types of brain cells more rapidly than others. Dr Rueger is now considering the feasibility of human trials.

Source: BBC

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