Dunkin’ Donuts to Sell Bootleg Cronuts

The popular donut shop chain, Dunkin’ Donuts, has announced that it will start selling Croissant Donuts early next month, as reported on Monday by Michelle King, an official spokesperson for the company.

The croissant-donut hybrid was originally created by New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery as a cream-filled delight named the Cronut in May of 2013. The Cronut was popularly received and has since attracted hordes of people to its bakery shop in New York. The company has since trademarked the name.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ version of this donut hybrid is set to debut on November 3rd at specific U.S. locations and will be featuring a “delicate and flaky croissant ring that is glazed like a donut.”

The croissant donut will have 300 calories and 24 layers of dough. It’ll most likely be priced at $2.49, which is more than double the cost of their $1 regular donuts, but half the cost of an authentic Cronut.

Last year the chain introduced the New York Pie Donut in South Korea and since has remained a permanent item on their menus, similar to what may become of the Croissant Donut. This news comes only a few days after Dunkin’ Donuts’ statement about their drop in sales this year as more and more chains are competing in the fast-food breakfast business.

However, this isn’t the first time a Cronut competitor has emerged. Earlier this year, smaller donut chain Twin Donut introduced a cream-filled croissant donut at its locations. It was dubbed the “Twin Nut.” It is unknown if this was a limited time promotion or if it the Twin Nut is still being sold in their stores.

Source: The Morning Call
Featured Image: Dunkin Donuts by Mike MozartCC BY 2.0

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