Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms of 2014

Fall is already here and Winter is soon to come. Are you ready to face off the cold months ahead? Check out this list showcasing the best space heaters for large rooms available this year. Don’t freeze to death again this year, make an investment you won’t regret and keep yourself warm and cozy!

Space Heater Comparison

Vornado - Vortex Heater
- Automatic Climate Control
- Remote Controlled
- Advanced Safety Features
- 5 Year Warrany
Camco - Olympian Wave
- Safety Shut-Off Valve
- Portable & Mountable
- Super Silent
DeLonghi - Safeheat
- Advanced Safety Features
- Never Needs Refilling
- 24h Programmable Timer
Dr Infrared Heater
PTC Quartz Heater
- Quick Powerful Heat
- Directional Heat
- Quiet & Efficient Blower
Mr. Heater
Portable Propane Heater
- Tip-Over Safety Shutoff
- Portable
- Directional Heat

Product Descriptions

Vornado's iControl Whole Room Vortex Heater features easy room heating with an automatic climate control feature and a unique one knob interface that allows you to control the whole heater efficiently. Utilizing its energy efficient technology, this heater fully circulates the warm air it produces throughout your whole room, creating even temperatures and best of all, saving you money. It also comes with worry free safety features and a 5 year warranty!
Camco Olympian Wave heaters are uniquely built and designed to provide you with comfortable, radiant, and economical heat for years. They mostly produce radiant heat due to their flameless catalytic process. Because combustion takes place at fairly low temperatures, they are very efficient. It's a great type of heat for creating effective feelings of warm comfort similar to that of the sun's rays.

DeLonghi's Safeheat heater offers maximum heat while the surface maintains a low temperature. This is thanks to its patented thermal chimney design. The controls allow you to customize the amount of heat you want with easily adjustable temperature settings and a 24 hour programmable timer. Best of all, save you money on oil because you never have to refill this heater thanks to its pure diathermic oil.
Dr Infrared Heater's PTC Quartz Heater is one of the most efficient and best sources of heat for you this winter. It's engineered and designed in the United States, keeping you warm while saving you money on heating bills. This tried and tested system offers up to 60% better heating efficiency than its competitors thanks to its unique heating process.
Mr. Heater's Portable Propane Heater taking portable heating solutions to the next level. This space heater can heat up large rooms quickly thanks to its convectional heated air flow, allowing for maximum heating efficiency. Control the heat with multi-position heat settings to your personal comfort level. It has a built-in low oxygen sensor and tip-over mechanisms that shut off the heater, making sure you stay both warm and safe at all times.
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